Duvanera - Etna

The intense ruby of Duvanera hints at the rich flavors which await you. Juicy black plums, cherry, and violets intermingle with vanilla and a touch of spice to create a well-balanced wine capable of complementing a variety of dishes. With a ripe first attack, Duvanera finishes with a smooth, lingering finish.




100% Nero D'Avola aged 12 months in oak barrels. 

The Grapes

Each area of origin in Sicily’s has characterized by distinguishing features. The western region of Sicily is marked by higher concentrations, harshness and earthy volcanic toughness. The central area is known for producing the sharp tastes of red fruits. The eastern area produces a more refined taste, with an aftertaste of dried fruits

The Nero D’Avola grape is one of Sicily’s most commonly known and exported grapes. In fact, it’s one of Sicily’s most talked about and well-known wines! Harvested in the lower regions, this bright red grape (think cherry or ruby red) is strongly reminiscent of blackberries. Rich and fragrant, the Nero D’Avola grapes create a dry, warm and full-bodied flavor.

It's all in the name...

Duvanera – Spoken 'D’uva Nera', Duvanera translates from Italian to English, meaning 'black grapes.' Interestingly, Duvanera is a similar translation to that of the Nero d’Avola black grapes grown in the small town of Avola in southeast Sicily.


What We Love About This Wine


  • Duvanera contains an intense ruby red color with hues of vanilla and the inviting aroma of ripe purple plums.
  • A well-balanced wine, Duvanera red provides a powerful first impression that effortlessly transitions into a soft and pleasantly long finish.
  • Duvanera provides the palate with a memorable, full bodied, 100% fruit forward Nero D’Avola taste.
  • Refined in an oak container for 9 months, this wine is best served between 64F-68F.