Tifeo Rosato - Etna

With its uncommon coppery pink color, the delicate hues of Tifeo Rosato are suggestive of the elegant character of this crisp rosé. Flavors of just-ripened strawberry, cherry, and watermelon give way to mango in this wonderfully refreshing taste of summer.

Tifeo Rosato

Elegant Rose wine produced from 100% Nerello Mascalese and aged 5 months surlies.

The Grapes

The grapes of Mt. Etna are grown with love and care by the Gambino family. The unique environment of this active volcano in Sicily is commonly referred to as the “island within an island.” While grapes don’t grow easily in extreme volcanic conditions, when harvested with care, they create an incredible wine meant to be savored.

Named after the Mascali area in Carania where the grape is thought to have originated, the Nerello Mascalese grape grows in the cool, high altitudes of the active volcano Mt. Etna. Grown primarily on the northeastern side of Sicily, this red grape contains a rustic black volcanic earthy note, and medium weight fine-grained tannins.

Nerello Mascalese grapes are ideal for producing sensational rosato wines.


It's all in the name...

Tifeo - Half human and half dragon, Tifeo was a divine creature in Greek mythology. His wings lay between Messina and Syracuse, his tail underneath Naples, and his heart beats under Mount Etna. Tifeo was thought to have temporarily disabled the Greek God Zeus, who was later rescued by his son Hermes.


What We Love About This Wine


  • Tifeo Rosato is an elegant, full-bodied wine with amazing depth.
  • Tifeo Rosato exudes the beautiful aromas of red summer fruits on the cusp of ripening (think watermelon or mango).
  • Aged for 5 months sur lies.
  • This wine is best served at 55F.