Feu D'o Rosso - Esclusivo

This brilliant red wine has violet undertones in the glass. Feu D'o Rosso is a rich, fragrant red full of bright berries, red plum, with a hint of licorice. A youthful, unoaked wine, Feu D'o Rosso is the perfect everyday red wine.

Feu D'o Rosso

A blend of Nero D'Avola and Nerello Mascalese aged in stainless steel containers for 4 months.

The Grapes

The Nero D’Avola grape is one of Sicily’s most commonly known and exported grapes. Harvested in the lower regions, this bright red grape (think cherry or ruby red) is strongly reminiscent of blackberries. Rich and fragrant, Nero D’Avola grapes create a dry, warm and full-bodied flavor.

Named after the Mascali area in Carania where the grape is thought to have originated, the Nerello Mascalese grape grows in the cool, high altitudes of the active volcano Mt. Etna. Grown primarily on the northeastern side of Sicily, this red grape contains a rustic black volcanic earthy note, and medium weight fine-grained tannins.

From the lower lying regions to the cool high altitudes, Feu D’o Rosso presents the perfect coupling of the Nero D’Avola and Nerello Mascalese grapes. The result? A captivating blend that encompasses a unique blend of Sicilian flavors. 

It's all in the name...

Feud'o - Originally spoken 'feud'oro', feud'o loosely translates to 'golden feud.' Feud'o has come to represent the ancient medieval structure that serves as a remembrance of the feud to control the land. Over time, the use of the adjective "d'oro" became restricted to the area of Marsala (in western Sicily), so we now simply say 'feud'o'.

What We Love About This Wine

• Feu D’o Rosso contains the vibrant aroma of red fruits with subtle undertones licorice. 
• Feu D’o Rosso provides the palate with the perfect lingering balance of a fresh and fruitful of flavor.
• Invigorating and easy to drink this rich, plummy wine is infused with the unique tastes of Sicily. 
• Refined in a stainless steel container for 4 months, this wine is best served between 64F-68F.