Feu D'o Bianco - Etna

Feu D’o Bianco is a delicate straw color flecked with golden hues. On the nose, it shows ripe, fleshy tropical and stone fruits including melon, pineapple and yellow peach which are balanced out by crisp acidity. It finishes dry, with a long, fresh aftertaste.

Feu D'o Bianco

The Feu D’o Bianco is the perfect blend of Grillo and Carricante.  A zesty, flavorful white wine that embodies all that is Mt. Etna and the Mediterranean Sea. Once you uncork this refreshing bottle you’ll want to drink it over and over again.

The Grapes

You might not be familiar with the Grillo grape. Well, until about a decade ago – neither was most of the world. Unlike other Sicilian varieties, the Grillo is not native to Sicily. In fact, it’s the combination of the Cataratto and Zibibbo grape. Antonio Mendola created the Grillo grape as an experimental hybrid in 1873 while he was working on a solution for the problem of phylloxera (a pesky microscopic aphid that almost wiped out all of Europe’s vineyards in the late 1800’s).

What was once a local pleasure, the Grillo has become one of the most appreciated grapes in modern times.


It's all in the name...

Feud'o - Originally spoken 'feud'oro', feud'o loosely translates to 'golden feud.' Feud'o has come to represent the ancient medieval structure that serves as a remembrance of the feud to control the land. Over time, the use of the adjective "d'oro" became restricted to the area of Marsala (in western Sicily), so we now simply say 'feud'o'.

What We Love About This Wine

• Feu D’o Bianco contains the fresh aroma of citrus fruits (think melon, pineapple, and ripe peach) with subtle undertones of crisp white fruits (think green apple and pears). 
• Feu D’o Bianco provides the perfect balance of crispness and fruitful of flavor on the palate. 
• Fresh and easy to drink this invigorating wine exudes Sicily’s vibrant personality. 
• Refined in a stainless steel container for several months, this wine is best served between 54F-58F.