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Grillo: The White Sicilian Wine

Grillo: The White Sicilian Wine

Sicilian as Mount Etna and the Valley of Temples is the Grillo grape and its fresh namesake white wine. This indigenous variety produces dry, tart wines ideal for the delicious seafood this Italian island is famous for.

Grillo Wine

Grillo in 30 seconds

Grillo wine boasts aromas and flavors of citrus, white florals, thyme, and delicate nutty notes.

It’s got medium to high acidity, fresh minerality, and a touch of salinity from the nearby sea!

Grillo has medium alcohol.

This wine has a light to medium body.

It works beautifully in blends and as a varietal wine.

Grillo appears in around 10 wine appellations.

It’s a tough grape that thrives in hot, dry climates so is at home in Sicily.

This grape plays a major role in the production of Sicily’s famous fortified Marsala wine.

If you like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, you’ll enjoy Grillo!

What’s Grillo’s Story?

With a history as long and as rich as Sicily’s, it’s no surprise that the story of the island’s grapes fascinates many an ampelographer (grape nerd)!

However, the story of Grillo is lost in the mists of time.

Grillo first appears in wine records in the mid-19th century but it’s been around for much longer. Some experts think it came to Sicily from the southern Italian region of Puglia and others have found evidence that it was a favorite with the ancient Romans – albeit under a different name.

Experiencing something of a renaissance in recent decades, today, most Grillo grows in its native Sicily. Adventurous winemakers also cultivate very small quantities in the US and Australia.

With its vineyards located high on the nutrient-rich slopes of Mount Etna, Gambino Winery is quintessentially Sicilian! As such, Grillo is one of the winery’s key grapes appearing with that other island favorite, Carricante in its crisp, fruit blend Feu D'o Bianco. The name of this wine also speaks of Sicilian history. It derives from the Italian for ‘feud of the gold’ – a reference to the medieval struggles for control of the island’s finest land!

Feu D’o Bianco…a Summer Wine

This bright, refreshing blend of Grillo and Carricante displays tropical and stone fruit balanced by a pleasing acidity. Delicately golden in color and light-bodied, Feu D’o Bianco has a satisfying, lingering finish. True to its name, it’s worthy of a feud – but there’s enough to go around for everyone so enjoy it!

How is Grillo Produced?

Winemakers aim to enhance the fresh, fruity characteristics of this wine so vinify it with care. For this reason, Gambino produces Feu D’o Bianco in stainless steel. This ensures that they preserve the natural fruit purity of the wine.

Grillo Food Pairing

This grape has a perfect balance of fruit and acidity making it a versatile food wine. It goes like a dream with seafood as well as light creamy pasta dishes and soft cheeses. The Feu D’o Bianco blend is also refreshing chilled in a glass on its own.

Check out Gambino Winery’s small and beautiful range of whites, a rosé, and prestigious traditional method sparkling wine. They not only pair perfectly with food….but with the summer!

Fun Fact

Grillo is also known as Riddu.

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