A Family Vineyard



Welcome to Wanderlust Wines. My passion for wine was born in Sicily when I stumbled upon the local treasure, Gambino Winery. From the moment I stepped foot in the winery, I was enthralled with the warm atmosphere and hospitality of the Gambino family. Even at a young age, I knew I had discovered something unique and special.

 My experience went beyond sipping exquisite wines paired with favorite foods. The people, the passion and the dynamics combined to create a truly one of a kind atmosphere. I instantly felt at home. This initial experience and every visit afterwards was an unforgettable encounter.



The Gambino Winery: A Family Vineyard
Perched on the side of Mt Etna, an active volcano overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the climate and soil conditions of this picturesque winery provide the ideal setting to produce the world’s most exquisite wines.

After spending a great deal of time at the Gambino winery, I knew I wanted to help import Gambino wines to the United States. You can imagine how thrilled I was to discover Francesco Raciti Gambino and I shared the same vision of expanding the reach of his family vineyard. Born in 1973 to Vittorio, who was a builder, and Maria, who was the oldest daughter of an Etna vintner, Francesco was no stranger to the inner workings of a vineyard. Growing up around her father’s vineyard, Francesco's mother developed a passion for cultivating grapes and working with the soil. After his parents married, they began to purchase land on Etna. Francesco, their youngest child, became fascinated with the wine world, but he first had to fulfill his duty to the state.

After serving his country in the Italian Coast Guard, followed by some time running a seafood res-taurant and special occasion events menu in Stazzo, Sicily, Francesco decided to return to his fami-ly’s passion. In 2002, he moved back to the winery to help his mother and father. A few years lat-er, his brother, Filadelfo, and his sister, Maria (named after their mother), joined him to help pro-duce the finest quality wines. Gambino Winery has always been a family affair.

A wine taster of ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatore Di Vino), Francesco has attended several master sommelier classes hosted by the Italian Sommeliers Association. Every day hundreds of people from all over the world visit the Gambino vineyard. They attend wine tastings under the supervision of Francesco, who explains the unique characteristics of each wine as well as Etna’s extraordinary environment, which gives the wines their unique flavor and taste. Additionally, he holds several wine tastings each year at the nearby American Naval bases in Europe and abroad.

Nestled up on the eastern face of Mount Etna, the Gambino Winery is dedicated to producing artisan wines which capture the vibrant flavors and spirit of Sicily. From the vine to the harvest to your table, every bottle is carefully crafted by the Gambino family with the same passion and attention to detail that Vittorio and Maria Gambino founded the winery with back in 1981. Gambino Winery’s world-class wines perfectly capture the complexity, elegance, and character of the Gambino family and the enchanting island of Sicily.



Wanderlust Wines
Today, my brother Matt and I are proud to partner with Gambino Winery, representing their wines in the United States. We strive to bridge the gap between the Gambino Winery and your home, making it easy and convenient to purchase Gambino wine through Wanderlust Wines.

Whether you’re looking to relive your experience at Gambino Winery or haven’t had the pleasure of touring the winery yet, you can savor the Sicilian experience sip by sip with a bottle of Gambino wine. We admit we are a bit biased – we love this wine! If you need a bit more convincing, we en-courage you to read what others are saying about their experience through Gambino's Trip Advisor page found on our website.


Handled With Care

When you order wine from Wanderlust it’s as if you’re opening the bottle in the very heart of the Gambino Winery. We guarantee every bottle will be handled with the utmost care until it reaches your home. Using industry best practices and temperature-controlled international shipping solutions. You can rest assured knowing your order is in the best hands from pick up to delivery.


We look forward to bringing a taste of Sicily directly to your table. Thanks for stopping by.


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