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The Gambino Vineyard and Family

The Gambino Family

Behind The Wines

Part of the magic of amazing wines is in how they convey a sense of place. Every sip tells the story of the land and history of the vineyard.
 Many aspects impact the production of a superb wine. From the soil and angles of sun exposure to the way it's crafted and aged, each aspect must fit together like pieces of a puzzle to create the finished product.
 Here is a glimpse at what makes Gambino Winery an extraordinary place.

Where It All Began

Born in Sicily in 1978, when the Gambino family founded the Gambino winery, Francesco Raciti Gambino, was no stranger to inner workings of a vineyard. His father, Vittorio, was a builder, and his mother, Maria, was the oldest daughter of an Etna vintner.

Growing up around her father’s vineyard, Maria Gambino developed a passion for cultivating grapes and working with the soil. After they married, she and Vittorio began to purchase land on Etna. Francesco, and his brother and sister, Filadelfo and Mariagrazia, also became fascinated with the wine world. However, they waited for Francesco to first fulfill his duty to the state.
 As a child, Francesco recalls the old way his parents would carry out their harvest. However, this memory goes beyond the grapes, to the incredible smells of the foods prepared by his mother. Just like each meal she prepared, he infuses passion into each bottle of wine produced at the vineyard.
 The Gambino siblings say that “Many things in life are not planned. Sometimes the best things in life happen naturally. Our parents did not set out to own a thriving vineyard. Little by little, they began to purchase neighboring lands that had been abandoned. Here we are today at Gambino Winery. Our journey is continuous."

Complexity Produces Sensational Wines

Perched on the side of Mt Etna, an active volcano overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the unique climate and soil conditions of this picturesque location is the perfect setting to produce the world’s most exquisite wines. The Gambino Winery is dedicated to producing remarkable wines, which capture the Etna region with Sicily's flavor and spirit.
 However, Mt Etna is not without its challenges. This unique area of land creates many challenges to cultivate. The changes in slope and elevation, along with variations in the soil create a puzzle of complexity to producing the best grapes. Yet, the Gambino siblings understood the complexity of the vineyard would lead to complexity every bottle they produced. They faced each challenge head on, and the fruits of their labor are enjoyed by hundreds of visitors from around the world every day.

A Family Affair

It’s apparent to anyone who engages with the Gambino siblings that they pour their heart and soul into every bottle of wine. They describe the wine making process as a beautiful experience where they the learned patience to understand great wine is not produced overnight. On the contrary, it’s a timely process, and waiting is the best part.

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