a family vineyard

From the highest vineyards on
Mt. Etna to your home


Sicilian Wines grown on the slopes of the Mount Etna Volcano

At 800 meters above sea level, Gambino Winery’s vineyards lay on the Eastern side of the Mount Etna volcano, inside the National Park, facing Taormina and the Ionian sea. The vineyards are terraced and enjoy plenty of sun and fresh, crisp, air due to their unique position.


Modern knowledge combined
with tradition

Our winemaking process is as natural as possible, combining new technologies that help us produce cleaner wines with lower sulfites, alongside traditional practices and indigenous grape varietals.

Our underground cellar is ten meters underground, and therefore is naturally temperature-controlled year round.


We implement natural techniques
to protect our grapes by
substituting the use of
insecticides with pheromones to
deter insects.


Mineral-rich volcanic soil and
the Mediterranean climate create
a balance of elements in the
vineyard that help us make what
we do possible


High-quality wine barrels and
steel VATs are stored in our
underground cellar for a
natural, temperature controlled

grapes picked by hand
1978 the beginning

The story of the Gambino Winery began in 1978 when Mr. Vittorio Raciti and his wife Maria Gambino bought parcels of land from several local land owners, and dedicated the land to grape growing.

1980-1990 ,moving on up

From the 80s to the 90s, the family worked on their estate and vineyards, creating one of the most impressive terraced estates North East of Mount Etna.

2002 gambino was born

As the family recognized the potential of their Mount Etna vineyards to produce truly great wines, the entire family got involved and worked together to modernize the winery and production.

2008-2011 trying times

After receiving the unfortunate news that they could not expand their cellars due to the winery’s location within a National Park (and the regulations that existed), the Gambino’s had to change directions and move their winery to a new location. This process took three years and a huge investment, but the work paid off!

2012 a taste of sicily

In 2012 the family decided to build a new a bigger structure to guest more people who started coming from all over the world confirming their excellent capacity of making people feel in Sicily and at home.

2019 to be continued

Today the Gambino Winery has expanded to include 25 hectares of planted vineyards, and continues to grow! On their Mount Etna property (which boasts the highest elevation vineyards on Mount Etna), they grow nerello mascalese, nerello cappuccio, catarratto, and carricante. The family also grows other grapes, such as grillo, cabernet sauvignon, and nero d’avola, at their vineyards in the Caltanissetta area of Central Sicily.

Wanderlust Wines owned by brothers Mark and Matt are proud partners to Gambino Winery! Representing Gambino’s wines in the United States Wanderlust Wines strive to bridge the gap between the Gambino Winery and your home, making it easy and convenient to purchase

handled with care

Bringing a taste of Sicily
directly to your table

When you order wine from Wanderlust it’s as if you’re opening the bottle in the very heart of the Gambino Winery. We guarantee every bottle will be handled with the utmost care until it reaches your home. Using industry best practices and temperature-controlled international shipping solutions. You can rest assured knowing your order is in the best hands from pick up to delivery.